The Making of Harry Potter Tour – A brief guide

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The Making of Harry Potter Tour –  A brief guide

The Experience:

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter most commonly known as Harry Potter Tour is the most popular and most demanding tour in London that takes you behind the scenes of your favorite Harry Potter Films. The tour is so popular that the tickets get sold out months in advance The tour has amazed people of all ages in its own magical way.

So, what is Harry Potter Studio tour, in lame words Harry Potter Studio tour is a walking tour that walks you through the magical world of Harry Potter™ films with props, sets, costumes and even the magical animatronics used in the film series. The whole three hours experience really makes you feel like you are in the magical world of Harry Potter and shows you how the magical world was made into reality for its fans.

The tour starts with a short film where Harry and his mates tell you about their experiences while shooting the film series and then the giant doors open, taking you to the great hall, from there on the magical world is open to your footstep and you will unravel the secrets of harry potter world. The tour is divided into stages and amazes you in every corner. As you walk be see Hogwarts Castle, take a ride on Hogwarts Express, walk the cobbles of Diagon Alley and the scary forbidden forest and not to mention a flying ride on Harry’s broomstick.

Audio Guide:

An audio guide is available for your convenience from the studio if you wish to rent it for only £4.95. Audio guide gives you a great insight of the tour with a great explanation of how the props, costumes and sets were made possible for the viewers and lovers of Harry Potter. The audio guide is also available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Brazilian and Portuguese.

Where the studio is located

Warner Bros. Studio London is located in Watford, which is 20 miles north-west of London. There are various ways as to how you can get to the studio and it also depends which type of ticket you bought.

Tickets bought directly from the studio:

If the tickets are purchased directly from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London’s website, then you have to make your own way to the studio as tickets bought directly from Warner Bros. Studio London does not include transportation. You can make your own way to the studio which is explained later in the article.

Tickets Bought from ticket retailers/tour operators in London:

Warner Bros. Studio London has authorized a number of ticket retailers or tour operators in London that sell the tour including transportation to the studio and back. Such tours are normally available in terms of time slots and are proven to be more successful among tourists because as a tourist it is a little bit tricky to get to the studio and you have to make few train changes. However, if you buy from retailers/tour operators you have everything sorted for you and all you have to do is to make your way to the tour departure point which is generally Victoria London and the tour operator will take care of everything for you.

A Harry Potter tour bought from a retailer normally lasts approximately 7 hours with two hours to reach the studio and back to London and 3 hours to spend inside the studio, mostly you get more than 3 hours to spend in the studio as the transportation takes less than 2 hours.

Transportation only to Warner Bros. Studio London

shuttle bus to harry potter studio

If you have bought tickets directly from the studio, then you can also choose transportation only option offered by some of the suppliers. In order to do that you must make sure that you match the departure time of the bus with the entrance slot, you have booked with the studio, for example, if your entrance time is booked for 2 PM then you must choose departure time of 12 PM in order to get there on time.

How to get to the studio on your own:

If you wish to make your own way to the studio, you can either drive to the studio using the postcode WD25 7LR in your SAT NAV and great news WB Studio offers free parking for its guests. Alternatively, if you wish to travel by train from London then you can take a train from Euston Station to Watford Junction from where you can board on the shuttle service offered by the studio for a price of £2.50 or £3 if you buy a return.

How to Book Tickets for Harry Potter Studio tour:

Tickets to Harry Potter Studio tour gets sold out very quickly, if you have any plans to go to the studio you must book it way in advance otherwise you will struggle to get the tickets or most likely you won’t get the tickets.

Tickets can be bought directly from the Warner Bros. Studio London’s website or from ticket retailers.

Last Minute Harry Potter Tickets:

There is no such thing as last-minute tickets to harry potter studio however some suppliers such as Golden Tours which is the preferred partner of Warner Bros. Studios London keeps allocation for hotel concierges and small sellers in London, so if you have not booked the tickets best thing is to check with small sellers in London or on the internet.


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