Museums of London

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In London, you can relive history through its museums and galleries. Most of these places are free of charge; however, you can make donations at your will and special exhibitions have charged entry. Many museums in London are very large which can take almost your whole day and there are many which are open late nights as well.

Museums of London


British Museum:

This museum in Bloomsbury is the best museums in London. This British Museum provides to understand human history and culture. The museum’s collection has more than 113 historical objects and is amongst the largest in the world which originates from every continent and explains the history and culture of human being right from the beginning till present time.

Victoria & Albert Museum:

This museum in South Kensington has been acknowledged as the greatest museum across the world which has been dedicated to decorative arts. Many exhibitions from around the world are held here which are both ancient and modern. The museum holds the largest collection from the Renaissance sculptures apart from Italy and as well as the largest collection of Indian, Chinese and Japanese Art.

Science Museum:

This museum is in South Kensington and is a good place to understand the development of science and industry as well as its impact over human life. This place is great for kids because of different exhibits and workshops. There are around 300,000 exhibits which cover the history of western science, medicine, and technology.

Natural History Museum:

The natural history museum located in South Kensington. It holds plenty of natural collections like living and fossil plant, minerals and animals. You can also see several specimens in the display. The center of attraction of the museum is the exhibits of dinosaur along with robotic lifestyle examples. Another great attraction of the museum is the exhibition of a full-scale whale which makes this museum fully impressive.

Imperial War Museum:

This museum in Lambeth holds a collection of objects belonging to world wars. It carries the objects from military operations in which Commonwealth or Britain has been involved. The museum does not glorify wars and presents scenarios of warfare from the human and civilian side.

London Transport Museum – Covent Garden:

Exhibitions hosted here, infuse transport with the cultural and social history of London. It unveils more than eighty motors representing about two hundred years of London’s transport history. Such as the world’s first Underground steam train and a red Route master bus.

Museum of London – Barbican:

Being the world’s largest urban museum, it has a vast collection of historic objects and exhibitions representing London’s past stories. You can explore facts about prehistoric London, London under Roman rule, and the magnificence of medieval London.

Bank of England Museum – Bank:

You can learn the long fascinating history of the Bank of England, from its foundation to its role as the Central bank. You can find the one of a kind collection of coins and banknotes and also a real gold bar.



London Airports & Cruise Ports

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Airport Transfers in London


How to Reach London from Heathrow Airport

If you are looking for a way to London from Heathrow, the best and the most simple way is the London Underground.  The route is within your budget; however, if you have loads of baggage it would be difficult to move around the stairs and escalators alone. On the other side, if you are looking for a way which is stress-free and perhaps the fastest one also, you can choose the Heathrow Express which is the dedicated airport train. With this route, you can reach your destination in a time of 15 minutes only.

How to Reach London from Luton Airport

Luton airport is a relatively smaller airport; however, there are several transfer choices from the airport to Central London. The cheapest option can be the Luton Airport Bus Service; however, you have to cope up with the traffic delays through this transfer choice. The fastest option is the train service of Luton Airport but, travellers have to go a mile ahead of Luton airport. If money is not a hurdle, then the best option can be private transport which offers door-to-door transfer in London.


Cruise Port transfer in London


Dover UK Cruise Transfers

There are many transfer choices between Dover and Central London which includes both public and private transport. The National Express Cruise Bus service is the cheapest option whereas, the Dover cruise service is the fastest one. If you are looking for door-to-door shared cruise service, then the Dover Cruise Bus Shuttles offers to pick and drop at every major Central London points. Private car service Is also available for those who find money as no hurdle in their transportation.

Southampton Cruise Transfer

The cheapest transfer from Southampton to Central London is the National Express scheduled bus service; however, these buses do not pass within the cruise terminals. The fastest option is the Southampton train service and of course private car service for those who can afford it.


Transport (Train / Bus) between London and its surrounding Airports & Cruise Ports


Airports (Distance from London) 


Heathrow (26 km / 16 mile)

 By Train:

The Heathrow Express, a non-stop express train runs between Terminals 2 & 3 to central London in just 15 minutes while from Terminal 5 in 21 minutes. (4 trains per hour)

TfL Rail runs twice an hour from Heathrow Central to Paddington taking over 30 minutes.

The London Underground (Tube) runs frequency (every 5 minutes) from Heathrow along Piccadilly Line. Stops over 20 stations before it reaches Central London in 45-60 minutes.

 By Bus:

National Express coach services manage operation out of Heathrow Airport Central Bus Station between (06:00 to 22:30), to Airport and from the central London (Victoria).


Gatwick (45 km / 28 mile)

 By Train:

The Gatwick Express is a dedicated non-stop train service to Victoria which runs every 15 minutes taking 30 minutes.

The Southern train runs every 15 min. to Victoria in 35 min. via East Croydon and Clapham Junction.

 By Bus:

National Express operates once in an hour to Victoria with the journey time of about 2 hours.

easyBus run a service to London and one between the Gatwick and London west via Earls Court/West Brompton, the journey will be around 1 hour.

Luton (55 km / 34 mile)

 By Train:

Thameslink trains run frequently between St Pancras International Station and Luton Airport Parkway train station in 25 minutes.

By Bus:

The National Express bus runs in every 15-30 minutes around the clock with multiple stops in the Central London and with one station at London Victoria and the next at Paddington Station.


Stansted (63 km / 39 mile)

By Train:

Stansted Express offers the quickest mode to travel between the London Stansted Airport and the city of London. Trains depart after every 15 minutes and take only 47 minutes from and to London Liverpool Street.

By Bus:

National Express coaches travel to and from Stansted Airport, from 41 pick-up points and services run 24 hours a day.


Cruise Ports Terminals (Distance from London) 


Southampton Cruise Port (128 km/80 miles)

By Train:

The main trains between Southampton and London terminate at London’s Waterloo Station.

Journey time: 80-100 minutes; Frequency: 2-3 trains / hr., Operated by South West/ Mega train

By Bus:

National Express operates separate coach services from Southampton to Central London (Victoria), Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport.


Dover Cruise Port ( 120km/75 miles)

By Train:

There are three separate train lines between Dover and London, the fastest train runs from St Pancras International Station.

 By Bus:

National Express offers service at every hour between Dover and London with a journey time under 3 hours


Harwich Cruise Port ( 145km/90 miles)

 By Train:

An Hourly train travels from Harwich International Station to reach London’s Liverpool Street Station is around 75 minutes with break journey at Manning tree Station.

 By Bus:

National Express operates between Harwich and London covering the distance in 4.5 hours.



How to plan a city break in London

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How to plan a city break in London

The iconic city of London is considered to be one of the locations you must visit at least once (and everybody comes back after their first visit…). An enormous city filled with impressive architecture, controversial history and great culture that will leave you with amazing memories and pictures. There’s so much to see and visit that it might leave you thinking a city break won’t be enough. We did the math and came out with an amazing plan help you get the most of London:

Make a list of places you want to visit by MUST’s 

Yes, we know, you want to visit everything, but it is important to tick the main attractions, and, after doing the itinerary, check out the smaller things. Take in consideration 2 major elements – The first is that everything is connected to everything in London and while visiting the main objectives you may discover some incredible places that you must stop by (*this can create some delays in your original plan). Secondly, it is, of course, the weather, if you planned a walk in St James’s Park but caught a rainy day, it is better you have some backup locations in your plan. Therefore, our suggestion is to create a plan with MUST SEE and the others to be marked as a “plan B”.

Spot the best events you can find

Being one of the hottest cultural spots in the world, there is always something happening in London! Since you are going there, it’s a pity to miss important events like concerts, festivals, shows etc., depending on your visiting period. From May to summer you can find rooftops parties like Skylight, open exhibitions like London Nights, sports events like Wimbledon Tennis Championships, sweet dance pop concerts of Bruno Mars and some of the best summer festivals.

Optimize the days of your visit

Set the date of your visit, according to your “must visit” list that you’ve created. If you want to visit for example Madame Tussauds, weekends are not the right choice – better the middle of the week because of tourist fluctuations.

Book your hotel near the underground

By being close to the tube, things will get so much easier for you. You won’t have to waste a lot of time and money traveling through the city – because, let’s be honest, all the great events are taking place in the center. Just hop on to the closest tube and you are usually 10-20 minutes away to any destination!

How to get to London?

The fastest and simplest way to get there is obviously by plane – this if you’re not a UK citizen. Otherwise, you can hop on the subway and arrive quicker and cheaper than with any other means of transport. All you need is a credit card and it will pass you through all the gates, arriving before you could say, Harry Potter.

Book a full London Tour

What else can be more comfortable than a bus who will take you to all of London’s great attractions with specialized guides to tell you the wonderful lore of every place you visit? In this way, you will be sure that you won’t miss any of the objectives that you put on your list. Moreover, you will become an expert in English lore for your dear ones back home. Special tours with extra surprises can be booked on our site at special prices.

Now that you are all organized, pack your bags and experience London at its best. What are the main objectives of your list? We would love hearing your ideas and plan – feel free to leave your comments here or on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Our London expert team is here to help with advice for the best visit in London. Contact us for a guide!

Going to London with young kids

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London is considered to be a wonderland for kids, why? Starting with the fact that this city is the birthplace of so many famous stories – from Mary Poppins to Doctor Who and Harry Potter, London was the setting for a lot of iconic movies characters making it the perfect place for all the kids. This city will take your kids on a journey into their favorite fairy tales and make them enjoy it to their fullest. Either you choose a museum, either a park, your child will still be in awe, making you will agree with us that London is truly magic! Here’s what you need to know when heading for a trip to London:

When to visit London with your kids

The nicest weather allowing you to do a lot of activities is during the summer time, but it can also be the busiest period. If you choose to visit it in the summer, we recommend going during the week. You can also enjoy some discounts by doing this.

Save money on transportation with The London Pass

The London Pass is a card that grants passage into the majority of London’s attractions. It can be a great deal for families, allowing you flexibility and ensuring you’re not missing any important objective. The card allows you to explore the city of London and enter over 70 attractions for one Price.

Eating in London with kids

Food can be quite expensive in London if you choose to eat in restaurants. However, with kids, restaurants might not be the best choice, especially if you have limited time (and they are hungry!). London is full of fast food options and most of them are even healthy options – for example – pret , who offer vegan and healthy food packed for the road. Another option is to hop into an M&S food store and pack some fresh salads, fruits, and snacks for great prices and quality.
If you do eventually choose a restaurant, most of London’s restaurants are family friendly, offering you a great décor and a friendly environment. For some funny noodles you can try Wagamama, or for a kid-friendly menu you can try Giraffe.

Book a hotel in advance

To get the most of your experience with your kids and enjoy the best comfort, book a family-friendly hotel. You can do this a few months in advance to avoid the overbooking period and take advantage of great deals. To save more money, you can stay at a hotel outside the Central London, but bear in mind to keep it close to the subway.

What to do?

  • Book a bus tour

An organized London bus tour can save you time and money, beside the great adventure of seating in an open roof bus. When booking a 24h bus tour you ensure your transportation, a well-trained guide to share with you the London history and free entrance at many objectives such as Madame Tussauds. These tours are the most loved kids activities, as well as the attraction of riding an open roofed bus…

  • Harry potter warner bros studio tour

This one is considered as one of the main attractions in London.
You can find a lot of magical tours where kids can play, but the all-time favorite is the Harry Potter: Warner Bros Studio Tour.
It is better to book your ticket in advance and it is recommended to avoid the hassle of transportation to the distant location of the studio, and hop in to an organized bus that will bring you to the doorsteps of Hogwarts, while on the journey the bus will project, you guessed right – a Harry Potter movie!
Don’t forget your Harry Potter outfit!

  • Have fun at in the park/ theatre

In the hot season, London is loaded with great shows. You can attend the amazing plays for kids either in the outdoor theatres or at the grand scenes. Also, the parks are a great idea, offering a wide range of outdoor activities such as tennis, ping pong, badminton or even riding the bicycle. Kew Gardens, Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Battersea Park and St. James Park are great ideas for spending a cozy afternoon and enjoying a British picnic.

  • Visit the main attractions

Don’t miss the most famous London attractions and put them on your list. Kids will love the live history lessons. Take them to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, British Museum, Legoland Windsor, National Portrait Gallery, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, London Sea Life Aquarium, London Zoo, Madame Tussauds, the adventure of Shrek …you name it.

In some locations your kids will benefit of free access, but in most of them a fee is required, so in order to enjoy some good offers, search for a combined deal such as this one, offering 5 attractions in one fee

Our London expert team is here to help with advises for a good visit in London! Contact us for a guide.
We would love hearing your ideas and plans – feel free to leave comments here or at our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Stonehenge Tours from London

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Wide range of specialized tours of Stonehenge from Central London 

Stonehenge is only 145 km from the Central London. It is better to choose the bus tour while keeping the busy traffic in the London city and around. Numerous tour planners offer different types of tours plans for London to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is an isolated area that’s why it is not covered by the public transport. It would be better to see the tour plans in order to enjoy the Stonehenge tour with more benefits. Independent tours are not recommended in this scenario.

Because of the more travelling time, most of the tour’s plans for Stonehenge are combined with other important tourist’s attractions present around this world famous heritage site. This enables the travellers to book full day trips from London UK in order to enjoy all important locations. Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath tour is the most famous option for the tourists.

Special Access visits to Stonehenge are attractive for the travellers who want to get closer to the stones. Normally, the visitors are asked to maintain a distance of at least 10 yards from the stone.

Now we will discuss the wide range of tour of Stonehenge options and plans available for the travellers willing to visit Stonehenge from London.

 Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tours

This is among the top priorities for the tourists interested to cover all the main attractions during the Stonehenge visit. Christmas Day tour is the most attractive plan which enables the tourists to see the famous Windsor Castle even when it is not opened to the public!

The two hours visit is divided according to the destinations. For example, the tourists are given 70 minutes at least for the Bath tour. This is highly recommended for the low budget travellers.

This London to Stonehenge tour option is considered more favorable for the people coming from different countries. International friends should book the group tours in order to enjoy the best facilities.

Most of the international small group tours start from the Stonehenge and end at Windsor. This is why these tours are more attractive for the people coming from outside the UK and want to cover more attractions within a reasonable time span.

Those who are looking for full size standard bus tours should book the 50 seats of coaches to visit Stonehenge early in the morning. Windsor to Stonehenge and then Bath tour is time consuming but it is the best option to cover the important sites as soon as possible.

Windsor to Bath & Stonehenge tour under the full size standard category offers an additional stop at Lacock for lunch. This route is very important for the people who want to see the historic villages around and a famous village pub dated back to 14th century.

 Just Stonehenge London tours

It will take 5 hours to visit the Stonehenge alone. There are different tours being operated in different seasons. Afternoon tours are offered in April starting after the lunch from London. On the other hand, morning tours are offered from the London in October after 8:15 AM.

 Stonehenge & Bath tours

This tour plan enables the tourists to get 90 minutes at Bath after covering Stonehenge and Windsor. However, if you miss the Windsor then there will be 3 hours more to stay at Bath.

Roman Baths and Jane Austen era / Georgian are the main attractions at Bath. There are so many other attractions present in the city looking to have your attention.

Those who are interested to visit Jane Austen Centre, Roman Baths and others are suggested to focus on the entry requirements. Tourists choosing the bus tours from London to Stonehenge don’t require having tickets.

Salisbury and Oxford with Stonehenge

No doubt, the above mentioned tours are mostly preferred by the tourists but interesting alternatives are also available.

Small Group Stonehenge tours

These tours are considered best for the people who want to see the best alternatives. Tourists interested to see the alternatives and mystical with lots of attractions around should pick this specialized tour plan. You will get a chance to see the Neolithic sites such as alternative Glastonbury and Avebury. These group tours also provide a chance to see other special monuments and historic sites in the English Countryside.

Inner Circle Stonehenge tours

These are basically famous for special access to the Stonehenge. Public visiting hours provide a limiting access to the stones. Management has announced to offer a closer view of the stones with the help of special access visit. These are alternatively called inner circle visits. These visits are great for those who are interested to cross the limit of 10 yards (public hours). However, these visits are offered after the public visiting hours (dawn and dusk).