Regent Street Motor Show

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London Shopping Streets are also famous for hosting the “Regent Street Motor Show”. It is the largest motor show in the UK. In this exhibition, hundreds of Royal, old and new vehicles displayed to the viewers. It has got the title of the largest motor show in the UK. The vehicles from the whole Europe reach to participate in this motor show. Today, Margo tickets offer the right information and coaching to the vehicle owners and spectators.


About Regent Street Motor Show:

Regent Street Motor Show is known as the biggest motor exhibition in London, UK. The millions of the people enjoy this mega motor exhibition on TV and directly in London. Anyhow, the show organizers are keeping the 125 years history of motoring alive and familiar with the people. Hundreds of oldest, Royal and inspiring motors are brought to display among the people. Sports Cars, Heavy Bikes, and Classic Automobiles are key characters in Regent Street Motor Show, London.

The vehicles of 19th, 20th and 21st centuries placed in different shopping streets of the city. The spectators are advised to reach the right spots untill 9:30 am because the show will start at 10:30 am and it will end at 4 pm. The families and tourists always reach London to enjoy this vehicle exhibition. Further, it delivers fun and amusement to the viewers as well as automobile owners.


Price & Opening Time:

To watch this event is easy as it has no cost. The spectators can visit various shopping streets in London, UK and have fun with old and new cars. Usually, the Regent Street Motor Show starts at 10:30 am and ends at 4 pm.


Venue of Regent Street Motor Show:

The venue of the motor show is Regent Street London; however, several other shopping streets also host this exhibition. You can reach Regent Street and have fun with classic and amazing automobiles of the largest motor show in the UK.



Summer by the River at London Bridge City

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Summer by the River has become a fantastic event celebrated at London Bridge City. The viewers can watch the films, fun, fitness classes, sports screenings, and family-friendly workshops. The event is famous in entire Europe, while the tourists and natives reach London for having great fun at this festival on the bridge.


About the Event:

Summer by the River is a famous festival in London, UK. It takes places between two famous bridges, while thousands of the people attend this event with families. London Bridge City is the central venue of the festival. The biggest sports events in summer are viewed on big screens, while the people can watch their favorite movies in the open and big cinema. The live music concerts are also the important parts of this festival.

You can eat the tastiest foods and drink delicious beverages and liquids to optimize your entertainment. The Scoop hosts the most events in the festival. Some other events also take place at Hay’s Galleria and many other locations in London, UK. The center of the vent is between London Bridge and Tower Bridget where the spectators sit for having fun for a long course of time.


The highlight of summer by the River 2018:

  • Foods, drinks, and music wait for the spectators
  • Law Clave Festival June 9 brings a number of events and activities for the people.
  • Big screens let you watch the biggest sports contests like Tour De France, Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and many other competitions.
  • Family workshops are organized on various dates for the people and families to have fun. These workshops are offered with specific themes and scripts to make them profitable and productive for the participants.
  • Opera and Ballet broadcasts are organized in Royal Opera House for the viewers.
  • Big cinema lets the people enjoy their favorite movies, serials and side-splitting comedy in Comedians Cinema Club.
  • You can join hundreds of the people in the Scoop for Massaoke session on June 8, 15, 29 and July 20.
  • Alice in Wonderlands hosts the storytelling sessions for the children on various dates.
  • Tale of King Arthur also inspires the listeners and lets them get some moralities and ambitions in real life.



All the events in Summer by the River Festival are free for spectators. The viewers and tourists can get further information and schedule of different events at Margo tickets that will provide you complete guidance. If you want to attend some other events in London, you can also book your tickets at Margo and have the fun in desired functions and celebrations in the city.


Venue of Summer by the River at London Bridge City:

Summer by the River takes place between the Tower Bridge and London Bridge in June. However, there are many segments and events in this festival that last for a couple of months. Basically, the event starts on June 9, while it ends in September of every year. The whole festival is colorful, amazing and exciting for the people in London as well as the entire UK. Spectators should contact Margo tickets and get unbiased information about each event in this festival.



Trooping the Colour – The Queen’s Birthday Parade

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Great Views at Queen’s Birthday Parade:

British History regards a number of Royal and National Events which the government organizes very well. Basically, the Queen’s Birthday has got the status of an official event that carries lasting worth for the British Nation. Military troops wearing colorful uniform execute parade and give honor to the Queen from Household Division to Buckingham Palace. This fantastic and marvelous military parade is being executed for last two centuries in London, the UK to regard the Queen.


About Special Event in London:

Trooping the color has become a remarkable and special event in London. This function is totally for the honor of Queen on her birthday which the English nation celebrates with lasting excitement and pride. Trooping the color and Horse Guards Parade both are essential segments of this event. Further, hundreds of soldiers, officers, horses, and musicians participate in the ceremony by having a ceremonial uniform.

They march from Household Division and ahead to Buckingham Palace. The Queen attends the ceremony sitting in the carriage, while she starts moving from Buckingham Palace along with the Mall to Horse Guards Parade. A comprehensive inspection is executed before to leave for the palace.

When Queen reaches the palace with a parade, she receives a salute, gun fires at Tower of London and in Green Park. She joins the other Royal Family members at the balcony of the Buckingham Palace and watches the Royal Air Force Fly-past. The ceremony starts at 10 am and Royal Air Force Fly-past is executed at 1 pm. If you are around London and want to watch this ceremony, you need to buy the Margo tickets.


Highlights of Queen’s Birthday Parade:

  • Trooping the color is a big mark of Queen’s official birthday ceremony.
  • Hundreds of Household Division officers, musicians, and horses in ceremonial uniform celebrate the event.
  • Spectators can join the crowd at the Mall or in St. James Park.
  • Amazing Royal Air Force Fly-past takes places over the Buckingham Palace.


History of Colour Trooping:

Birthday of Queen Elizabeth is on April 21, while this event is celebrated in June of every year. In fact, this birthday of Royal Family has become an official function that takes place in open areas. Further, the nation has been celebrating the Queen’s birthday for last two centuries. On the other side, there are some specific conditions when the celebrations are postponed as per the orders of the Queen.


Tickets for the Ceremony:

Margo tickets are available for the spectators across London, the UK for attending this Royal Family Event to give honor to the Queen. Queen’s Birthday has become an official celebration of the nation. The viewers can use a web search to find the tickets for this event and book in advance.


Good Spot to Watch the Prade:

Usually, spectators all over London, UK desire to occupy a good spot where they can view the celebrations clearly. For this; they should reach till 9 am at The Mall or in the St. James Park. These are more suitable places for the spectators. So, they should try to occupy their seats according to the numbers given on the tickets.


Price & Opening Time:

The spectators can buy Margo tickets in advance and wait for the celebration day. If you look at the price of the ticket, you will come to know it is £35 per ticket. There are different sources and methods for spectators to book and get their tickets for the event in advance. It is fine for viewers to get the tickets a week before the celebration day. The viewers have to reach the specific locations at 9 am, while the parade will start at 10 am. The RAF fly-past will take place at 1 pm when Queen is back to the balcony of the palace.


Venue of the Event:

This event moves around London on different locations, while it begins and ends at Buckingham Palace; Residence of Royal Family and Queen. The spectators can stand at the edge of St. James Park and along with The Mall.


Frieze Sculpture 2018 in Regent’s Park

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What Is Frieze Sculpture 2018?

English land is known as the “Place of Wonders”. The people always keep hunting and discovering unique events happened in England. Today, the people having a great interest in sculpture art seek for the “Frieze Sculpture 2018” that is organize and managed in Regent’s Park from July 4 to October 7, 2018. It is the first colorful and decent exhibition of the best sculptures in the green venue. Usually, it allows the viewers to get an entry without buying a ticket or paying any admission fee.

In fact, “Frieze Sculpture” is an exhibition of sculptures made by thousands of the artists across the world. They come to this exhibition for displaying their masterpieces and get admiration as well as earn a reputation. Further, this exhibition is managed in Regent’s Park; English Garden and it lasts for 3 consecutive months (4 July to 7 October). Almost 25 acclaimed and emerging artists take part in this event with their unique, motivating and innovative sculptures.


Frieze London and Frieze Masters:

The viewers always taste Frieze London and Frieze Masters without bearing any cost. They can take advantage of this event and get an entry of the complete exhibition by booking Margo tickets a bit advance of the event date. Early arrival will let you enjoy more than latecomers. Medium and large-scale sculptures positioned in a decent, proper and friendly way. The viewers and guests can have a closer and clearer look at each sculpture with the information of the creator and the history of the statue.

The event optimizes the taste of the junior artists and those who have been massively interested in sculpture art. It is easy for the people to enter the Regent’s Park and have a great time at the exhibition. Everyone can visit the place and have a pleasant experience with mighty sculptures of top 25 artists in the world. All the sculptures reflect some personalities, histories, cultures, events, Big Days and many other historical objects that occurred in the past.


Preview of Frieze Sculpture 2018:

  • It will create reflections and optical effects when you enter the glass pavilion of Dan Graham.
  • Venture into the maze
  • Five-piece bird sculpture by Tracey Emin
  • Four majolica sculptures Corine, Octavio, Mezzetino and Chinoise by Rachel Feinstein
  • Colorful glass installation of Rana Begum with huge and multi shadow
  • First bronze work of Hugo Wilson with electric influences
  • Family Day trail in the exhibition etc.


Tickets & Prices:

Many people plan to have an entry for Regent’s Park to enjoy the sculpture event. In fact, there is no price for the admission, all the visitors can attend the exhibition free of cost for 3 consecutive months. The families and groups can also visit the exhibition and have pleasant moments with historical sculptures of giant sizes without any cost.


Find Images:

It is far better for first timers to have a look on the pictures of Frieze Sculptures prior to leave for Regents’ Park Exhibition. In this way; you will get some ideas for the upcoming sculptures in the next exhibition.


Location of Frieze Sculpture 2018:

This event will take place in London NW14NR in Regents’ Park from 4 July to 7 October every year. In present, the exhibition is in the process and you can visit the park to enjoy the best time with bigger sculptures.



Guard Changing Ceremony at Buckingham Palace

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About the Guard Changing Ceremony Event:


The people in the UK always have a dream to be available when guard changing ceremony happens outside of Buckingham Palace, England. It would be a pride for the British to watch wonderful moments of the guard changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace that is the residence of British Royal Family. The Queen’s Guard has become a popular event in the UK in which the troops of new guards replace the old guards and play the duty of security at the palace.

If you are interested to view this amazing sight, you need to get the Margo tickets and reach to the location on time. If you reach early, you will get a good spot for a clear and excellent view. Anyhow, the ceremony happens on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Guard mounting is always scheduled outside the palace at 10.45am and it lasts almost 45 minutes. The old guards form up the forecourt of the palace at 10.30am and then move to James’s Palace Old Guard at 10.45am.


Beautiful Event:

The Guard Changing Ceremony is accompanied by the music, Foot Guards, and Horse Guards. The uniform of the guards is completely traditional and prominent. The viewers can enter the ceremony area free of any cost. Moreover, they can enjoy the entire parading and change of the guard ceremony. The soldiers have bearskin hats and traditional red tunics. The New Guards have to perform their active duty for a specific course of time. The event is extremely popular in Europe for its uniqueness and inspiring process to change the guards outside Buckingham Palace.

Usually, this ceremony happens in Windsor Castle and horse guards and foot guards perform in the event. The troops do the parade at 11 am of some certain days like Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. You need to make more efforts to get the exact and official schedule of the ceremony as well as opening time. If you are willing to view the lavish interior of Buckingham Palace in the summer opening. You are recommended to book Margo tickets in advance and enjoy the event on the celebration day.


Schedule & Price:

When you go through the pricing of attending the Guard Changing Ceremony at Buckingham Palace event, you will come to know it is free. So, if you are making a plan to have a presence in the ceremony. You should sort out your schedule and make it possible to read exactly a few minutes before the ceremony starts. In this way; you will get a good location and enjoy the whole function. If the climate is wet or freezing, there will be no guard changing ceremony.


Event Place:

The Buckingham Palace is a residence of the British Royal Family. It is specified for the hospitality of Royal Guests, especially the Queen and princes. The ceremony is managed outside the palace where the horse and foot guards change their positions and duties as well with new troops. Many people from the UK reach to the Buckingham Palace to view the Guard Changing Ceremony. They always reserve Margo tickets to have a clear look at the interior of the palace.



Notting Hill Carnival Street Festival

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What Is Notting Hill Carnival Street Festival?


West London becomes colorful, brilliant and sweet with good songs on “August Bank Holiday Weekend”. The Caribbean party is organized on the streets and thousands of the people participate in the festival by wearing colorful dresses and painting on faces. Notting Hill Carnival is famous for the great contribution of Caribbean music, colors, and flavors that create lasting attraction among the people in entire Europe as well as the UK.

The people all over the world and Europe land UK to perform and celebrate the Carnival Festival in Notting Hill, West London, England. If you desire to be a part of this festival in the coming program, you need to get the Margo tickets and reach the place with all suitable accessories, colorful costumes, and dancing skills. A number of food stalls will be along with the streets and roads in the town. Floats of colorful performers will appear on the main street and walk ahead with dancing, singing, and cheering.


When Does It Organize?

Notting Hill Carnival Festival has its fixed and well-known date. It is managed on Caribbean Bank Holidays in the last week of August. Usually, it starts on the Sunday of last week in August and then on very next Monday. In 2018, you will see this event happening on August 25, 26 and grand finale on 27. Each and every moment of the festival will be stunning for the viewers, performers, and participants. It is high time for you to search for Margo tickets and land the West London for joining the street party.


Program in 2018:

Saturday, August 25, Panorama:

Panorama will get started on a Saturday night; few hours before August 25 on Sunday. Usually, the evening will have a special theme for viewers and participants with Steel Band Musical Competition. During Panorama, you will have great entertainment on the streets and special cuisines on the street stalls with lasting and cultural taste. It is free for visitors to enter Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park between 6 pm and 10 pm.


Sunday, August 26, J’Ouvert & Children Day:

It will be the grand opening of Caribbean J’Ouvert Festival on Sunday morning. You need to get up early in the morning to be the first to enter the place and view the beginning of the party. Between 6 am and 9 am, a big procession will march on the streets. The floats of the people will make the beginning exciting with colorful costumes, painted faces and different head accessories. It will come to an end at the Canal Way (Ladbroke Grove W10).

It will be the Children’s Day Parade from Sunday morning to the evening. The performers of average age children and youngsters will be wearing colorful costumes, have the brighter and paintings on faces. They will dance, swirl and sing on the streets. Parade Day becomes more interesting with 38 static sound systems, amazing contests. There will be a live performance, dance, delicious food stalls and exciting activities at Powis Square and Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park.


Monday, August 27, Grand Finale:

Grand Finale on 27th August 2018 will become extremely surprising with several types of performers. It includes dancers, singers, steel bands, loud music, mobile sound systems and a large number of performers. The people will celebrate on the roads with music, colors and delicious foods on the street stalls. Monday Parade fills up every performer, viewer, and participant in the Notting Hill Carnival Festival. The people will have a number of things to do, watch and celebrate. The entertainment will remain in action until the late night of Monday. The people in whole Europe get the Margo tickets and come for participating in the festival with a great level of excitement.


Location of the Festival:

Notting Hill Carnival festival is organized in West London Streets W10 and W11. The entire festival moves around West London, Westbourne Park, Westbourne Grove, Ladbroke Grove, Kensal Road, Powis Square, Notting Hill and Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park.


How to Attend the Notting Hill Carnival?

It is absolutely free of any cost to attend the Notting Hill Carnival. You need to reach the West London and prepare for the next day. Usually, it is good for you to arrange for colorful costumes, painting colors, special wearing accessories and a higher level of excitement. You can use Margo tickets for transportation and reach the exact location.


Origin of the Festival:

Notting Hill Carnival first time organized in 1966 when limited numbers of the people celebrated this festival. It is a special street party for celebrating Caribbean Culture and lifestyle of the Indians in the UK as well as West London. Just 500 people joined and celebrated the first festival in 1966. Later on, it became Europe’s biggest and most popular street function with amazing activities, thinks, and different entertaining segments. The participants are increasing over the time and in recent days, it estimated that more than 50,000 performers had performed in the last festival.



Leeds Castle & Punting Tour

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Planning a trip to the loveliest castle in the world and being able to avail of a special opportunity of punting along the moat is the best thing you can experience on a trip.  From discovering the fascinating history from soaking in the beautiful views of the castle, the trip has all that you have desired of.


Highlights: Leeds Castle & Punting Tour

  • Visit and explore the loveliest and majestic Leeds castle.
  • Explore the home of Tudor King Henry VIII.
  • Discover the captivating history of the Castle.
  • Explore exuberant State Rooms
  • Enjoy punting on the moat in the castle and get a chance to dip in the beautiful and exotic views.


Leeds Castle

The top attraction of the UK allows you to explore the home of Henry VIII and his wife, Catherine of Aragon. Alongside this, you will also see the Royal State Rooms and the fascinating parkland surrounding the Castle. Venturing through the fortress and uncovering the history pages are some attractions that will keep your interest high at the place.


Punting on the Moat

The trip will also allow you to punt along the moat and live the excellent views of Leeds Castle from tranquil waters. Get settled on the wooden punts and simply relax while the Plantagenet will take you to a tour of the Castle surroundings. Who would want to miss this?


Falconry Displays

Leeds Castle is also known for its fascinating Falconry displays. This display features a huge variety of birds like Falcons, Vulture, owls, and Hawks. This is something that you have not seen before and will not forget it for a very long time.


Leeds Castle’s Wildlife

After exploring the magnificent fortress, you will arrive at exquisite grounds that will keep you amazed from the time you arrived there. There is a 500-acre estate area where you can see wildlife you have never seen before. You can see jays, sparrow hawks, and great-spotted woodpeckers. Additionally, while punting on the moat, you will also discover beautiful black and whooper swans.



Windsor and Stonehenge Tour

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Two of the top historic attraction of the United Kingdom is Windsor Castle and Stonehenge and has managed to attract thousands of visitors from across the world. So, if you have planned a visit to these historical places, it is important that you know about these landmarks.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is situated in the antiquated town of Windsor and holds a very rich royal history. Visiting the Castle will let you discover why it was the favorite of the royal residence. From lavishing royal State Rooms which decorated with world-famous masterpieces by Rembrandt and Leonardo Da Vinci, the castle holds extraordinary treasure from the royal history.


Stonehenge is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and allows you to see 5,000 old monuments. These monuments are set against the dramatic backdrop of Salisbury Plain and allow you to work out yourself as for how did they get there or why are they there.


What you can do there


  • Explore the Windsor Castle and relive the history of royal residence.
  • Visit the prehistoric rock formations and explore yourself how the stones placed there.
  • Explore the Visitor Center of Stonehenge where you can bring to life the history of Stone Circle.
  • Get to know about 900 years of British history.
  • Explore the State Apartments that are equipping with masterpieces by Gainsborough and Rembrandt.
  • Visit St. George Chapel, the place where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot.


Nearby places to visit

Both Windsor castle and Stonehenge lies in the west of London where there are many other places that you can plan to visit. Highlighted places are Bath and Oxford where you can find the abundance of history as well as beauty in equal measures. You can explore Roman and Georgian architecture along with several other sights that will behold you.


Things to do in London during summer

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Things to do in London during summer

When London’s temperatures are starting to rise, the rains are fewer and it’s open season for all the events!
During summer time, London is a great place for entertainment and the perfect place for experimenting with different sensations. Because there is a lot to see, we handpicked for all the happy travelers a list of the top events to go to this summer.

Outdoor activities

When the thermometers reach higher temperatures, the entire outdoor environment comes to life and is ready to offer the audience great times. You can start with some amazing food and drinks at the Ales Tales Festival, party wild on the Thames at the Silent Sound Boat Party or enjoy magical plays at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. It’s impossible not to find something to do only while wandering London’s streets!

Sport and outdoor activities

Anyone in the mood for some sports? You can really have a great time by playing tennis in the parks, horse riding in Richmond Park or Hyde Park, paddle up on the Thames, play a round of mini golf in Putt in the Park, go on wild adventures in Trent Park or take the famous four-wheel bicycles from Santander Cycles.

Experience an authentic summertime in London

To taste a little the British summer routine, you can try involving in activities such as buying some fresh fruits and vegetables from any one of London’s markets and then head out for a chill summer afternoon on a picnic in Crystal Palace Park. If you’re in the mood for a walk, you can try the finest Kew Gardens to smell the roses or meet the animals from Madchute Farm.

Go wild

Once you step out of your hotel, you have millions of options on how to spend your time. You can even go on a search for a beach right in the heart of London. If you didn’t know, Thames has a small beach near the Tower Bridge. Also, you can go on a summer safari at the zoo with music, tours, and refreshments at ZSL London Zoo.

Do you have any other summer activities on your list? Let us know what are your favorite activities are and what are your plans for this summer.
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Top shopping places in London

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Top shopping places in London

Whether it is a business trip, a city break or a romantic getaway, shopping is usually a mandatory ‘add-on’ when visiting London.
From luxury designer shops to souvenir stores, London is the ideal place to shop till you drop. Why you ask? All kinds of great shops are on display, global and local, an excellent customer service and the cool British vibe that encourages you to spend more and more… Take an extra luggage with you and visit all the stores from our list of recommendations we spotted in London especially for you:

Oxford Street

The famous Oxford Street is well known as the heart of London shopping or as we would like to say, the heaven of shopping. This is the place where famous designer shops meet with landmark stores and it’s impossible not to find what you want for advantageous discounts.

Margo Tip: Don’t forget your comfy shoes, this street may cause you back pains…It is long but offers all the top brands!

Clerkenwell, Shoreditch & Spitalfields

For a fabulous shopping session, you can try London’s trendiest fashion boutiques. Young designers are exposing their unique creations in individual boutiques, but also you can find renowned brands like Barbour and Belstaff.


If you’re looking for high-end fashion from famous designers, then this is the place for you. Renowned brands such as Harrods are attracting more and more avid shoppers every year. The ideal location for shopaholics.

Margo Tip: follow the opening of the sales season throughout the year, when you can catch real bargains of top brands!

Marylebone High Street 

An elegant street that hosts plenty of stores such as Cath Kidston and also food specialties. This place has been described as “The Hidden Wonder of the West End” and truly deserves its title.

Westfield London

If you’re more like the mall type, Westfield London is an American style shopping mall that brings together clothing stores, food and, obviously, a giant theatre. There you can find street fashion shops along with luxury brands, making the ideal place to spend time on a rainy day.

Margo Tip: a great option for shopping in London on a rainy and cold day!

Carnaby Street

Step into a vibrant street, the place where fashion and culture were born and to this day, maintain the tradition. Filled with more than 100 brands and 60 elegant restaurants, Carnaby Street is the perfect place to get into the real British shopping spirit and fill your bags with high-end fashionable items.

Savile Row

Get into the old-fashioned style of shopping on Savile Row – the place where you can find stores that can craft you fabulous handmade suits, the well-known British tailoring. Explore the picturesque street and have an amazing shopping experience.

Secret London Shops

For a truly original shopping session dedicated to shopaholics, we handpicked some of the top “underground” locations, hidden from the world’s eyes. Starting with LN-CC fashion outlet factory, you can try the fine-cut clothes from Pistol Panties, enter a cool shop for movie lovers at Umit & Son and chill afterward with a delicious cupcake and an excellent tea at The Tea Room.
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