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Free Things to do in London With Your Family

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Free Things to do in London With Your Family

Rich history, beautiful scenery, lively, dynamic, and vivacious culture comes to mind when someone mentions London! This city has numerous eye-appealing attractions and free activities that you can indulge with your family and kids without maxing out your credit card. You don’t have to pay money to visit some of the best tourist attractions in London, some of them are free!

Put on your tourist shoes, grab your camera to capture life long memories with your loved ones while embarking on your city sightseeing London journey.

List of free things To Do in London with your Loved Ones:-

There are many attractions and historic landmarks that you can visit for free without paying a single penny with your family, kids, and friends.

Buckingham Palace

You will need to buy a ticket to enter Buckingham Palace but you can witness the iconic moment of changing of the guard on alternate days throughout the year and daily from May till June at 11 am.

The National Theatre

Unravel the mysteries and see what happens behind the curtains at the National Theatre. Book yourself for a workshop and backstage tour that starts from five pounds and see the magnificent set, prop workshops, revolving, and platform stage.

British Library

British Library is not less than a heaven for a book lover. One can easily find the most important, substantial, and interesting books there. Family activities, free guide tours of the reading room, and workshops take place during summer vacation and school holidays. The entry is free and the library is even open on Sunday.

Art Galleries

The National Gallery and Tate galleries are a must-visit for families to keep their kids entertained on their visit to London. Tate galleries are respectively located on the north and south sides of River Thames. Entries to both galleries are free and you can book yourself for multimedia family guides that are not only available every day but are also free.

London City Farms

Visit the beautiful London city farms with your loved ones and make unforgettable memories by spending time with them, playing with them, and clicking numerous pictures. Entrance to all farms are free but vary in their opening days and timings.

London Cycle Hire

Adults, kids, and children aged 14 and above can hire street bikes and explore London while paddling their way on its pavements. One can easily rent street bikes through all docking stations located in central London. The best thing is that rides under 30 minutes are free and for casual riders, the fee is one pound. One can also make payments through debit or credit cards. Take your London sightseeing a bit higher by cycling your way on its streets.

Kensington Gardens

Spend a beautiful and memorable day with your family at Kensington Gardens, which is not only home to Princess Diana, but also has an enormous pirate ship and princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. Its entry is free and the playground is only accessible to families.


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