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Getting To Stonehenge from London

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Where is Stonehenge

What is Stonehenge and where it is? This is a common question people ask when looking for the top tourist’s attractions in London.

From west of central London, this famous site is only 90 miles away. County of Wiltshire owns this site. Amesbury is the nearest town where a bus stop is present 2 miles away. Salisbury is the largest town on this historic site and it is only 9.5 miles in the south and it holds a rail connection. It takes only 2 hours getting to Stonehenge from the central London using a private taxi or a personal car but remember that the traffic situation when calculating the access timing. A303 which leads east to west is the main road for travellers. It is recommended to take A360 after the A303 ends only one mile away from the main site. Just remember the Airman’s Corner where you will end the journey.

The Stonehenge is a popular destination where so many other attractions are present for tourists. Durrington Walls, WoodhengeOld Sarum and Avebury are some popular destinations where tourists can reach within 15 to 30 minutes.

How can tourists get to Stonehenge from London? getting to Stonehenge

Tourists usually get three options to visit Stonehenge.

  • Enjoy a guided tour with a bus that takes you to Stonehenge and brings back to London including entrance to Stonehenge.
  • Get public transport. Usually, travellers prefer to use train service from Waterloo. Stonehenge Tour Bus is another attractive option from Salisbury)
  • Use your own car or hire a taxi from London to Stonehenge.

Travel options from London to Stonehenge – Full Details

Stonehenge Ticket information and prices:

Tourists visiting Stonehenge are required to get an entry ticket. This ticket can be booked online in order to get a print. It would be better to book the tickets in advance in order to avoid any tension. English Heritage encourages the tourists to ensure ticket availability when arriving.

Tickets are offered with a limited timing. It means that tourists have to get prints as soon as possible. It would be better to bring the prints to receptionist’s desk in order to confirm your booking.

English hHeritagemembers, national archaeologists and scientists don’t need to pay the ticket fee. However, these people are also required to book the tickets online in advance. Otherwise, there will be no entrance for them at the heritage site.

 How much time you can spend at Stonehenge:

Tourists are suggested to visit Stonehenge with no tension in mind. This tour requires at least 2 hours for full enjoyment. There is an information centre developed in 2014 where details about this site are available. There is no limit to staying close to this site. People who want to walk around the beautiful green landscape can stay for longer. On the other hand, if you have a special interest in Stonehenge and its history then there will be no one to ask you take a leave.

In order to spend more time around, it is recommended to walk from the main entrance to the site. There is a shuttle service available for tourists from the road A360. However, it would be a huge pleasure to walk towards the Stonehenge with your friends and family. This will deliver more understanding of the Stonehenge and other monuments present around.

Note: Walking around the Stonehenge is free of cost. The beautiful landscape is a maintained by the National Trust that’s why it offers more information about the historical site. Tourists can enjoy a view of wildlife and significant monuments during this walk.

Shuttle bus:

This amazing service operates from the visitor’s centre to Stonehenge. Tourists are suggested to show their tickets in order to get a confirmation voucher.

Stonehenge Shuttle Bus
bus from Salisbury to Stonehenge

This booking confirmation enables the visitors to stay around and pick the shuttle bus free of cost from any point. Similarly, there will be shuttle buses to drop you close to the main road.

 Stonehenge Visitor Centre and Facilities:

This guiding centre is only a mile away from the main attraction. This centre is also close to the vehicle parking place. People who have bought the tickets can park their vehicles without any charges. However, you will need to pay parking charges if you don’t buy tickets.

Shuttle Stonehenge bus service is very speedy and it doesn’t take too long to pick it. Most of the times, tourists have to wait for a few minutes whenever it is heavily crowded. This usually happens on weekends and local holidays. Tourists can enjoy following facilities at Stonehenge.

  • Stonehenge exhibition.
  • Café.
  • Gift shop.
  • Public toilets.
  • Tickets and audio guides are also offered at the Stonehenge visiting centre to the people who don’t have booked a tour.

Those who have booked a tour usually don’t require these audio guides and tickets. All they have to do is make a queue in order to get an entry which is normally managed by the tour company who they come with. Tourists can take a shuttle from this point. This is why it is recommended to book the tours from London.

Tourists can visit the gift shop, café, and toilets without any restriction. However, a full ticket is always required to see the Stonehenge exhibition.

Stonehenge exhibition Centre

Stonehenge Exhibition is one of the main points for tourists. It has more than 250 archaeological treasures including tools, human remains, pottery and jewellery.

This exhibition is considered a main opportunity to get an understanding of the history and role of Stonehenge. It also enables the tourists to find how this site was built and for what purpose.

Neolithic houses

This place is interesting because it tells the ways people used to transport the stones. These Neolithic houses have been reconstructed by the government.

Gift shop

This place is another great opportunity for the people who want to buy books, images, paintings and other items related to the Stonehenge.


This café serves the tourists with various beverages, snacks, sandwiches and other delicious items. Unfortunately, there are no meals served at this café.

Family facilities

Management at Stonehenge has ensured that tourists will feel easy and comfortable here. There are so many toilets, sitting zones, baby change points and highchairs for child feeding mothers.

The Stone Circle

This Stonehenge is one of the amazing things to do in London. Remember, there is no shelter or shed there. Shuttle points, cafes and toilets are also absent.

Tourists are suggested to bring umbrellas because this is an exposed site. There is no shady place where tourists can take rest. This is why it would be better to keep hats and sunblock lotions to avoid the heat.

Audio guide

Audio guides are available at the Stonehenge visiting centre. These audio guides are available in wide range language for tourists. Buyers can select audio guides in English, Italian, Swedish, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Dutch and Japanese.

Tourists who have booked the Stonehenge tours always receive the audio guides free of cost at the entrance and a shuttle take them to the main attraction. However, people who are visiting independently will need to pay for the audio guides if they want to purchase.

Free audio tour in English is another great option in the form of an app which can be obtained from Apple App Store. You can also download it from Google Play store. The visitor centre at Stonehenge offers free Wi-Fi connection to tourists for this purpose.

What is the best time to visit?

As a matter of fact, it is a famous site and it remains busy every time. Tourists are suggested to choose day tours from London, a time between 10:15 AM and 12:00 PM. This is the most convenient timing to visit Stonehenge.

Tourists with tour plans can visit whenever they get coaches from London. However, independent visitors are required to travel to Stonehenge late afternoon.

 How close visitors go to Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is a precious archaeological site that’s why it has certain restrictions for the tourists. It is not possible to cross the limit set by the management at 10 yards away from the stones.

Tourists willing to walk around the stones are suggested to focus on the special visiting hours during Stonehenge day trip.  Special Access visits have been started for this purpose. This service offers a visiting schedule of one hour in which only 26 persons are given access to the Stonehenge.

Special access visits have become popular among the locals as well as foreigners. It would be better to start your journey according to the distance from where you stay. For example, people from London should start to drive at least 4 hours before the dusk.

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