Trooping the Colour – The Queen’s Birthday Parade

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Great Views at Queen’s Birthday Parade:

British History regards a number of Royal and National Events which the government organizes very well. Basically, the Queen’s Birthday has got the status of an official event that carries lasting worth for the British Nation. Military troops wearing colorful uniform execute parade and give honor to the Queen from Household Division to Buckingham Palace. This fantastic and marvelous military parade is being executed for last two centuries in London, the UK to regard the Queen.


About Special Event in London:

Trooping the color has become a remarkable and special event in London. This function is totally for the honor of Queen on her birthday which the English nation celebrates with lasting excitement and pride. Trooping the color and Horse Guards Parade both are essential segments of this event. Further, hundreds of soldiers, officers, horses, and musicians participate in the ceremony by having a ceremonial uniform.

They march from Household Division and ahead to Buckingham Palace. The Queen attends the ceremony sitting in the carriage, while she starts moving from Buckingham Palace along with the Mall to Horse Guards Parade. A comprehensive inspection is executed before to leave for the palace.

When Queen reaches the palace with a parade, she receives a salute, gun fires at Tower of London and in Green Park. She joins the other Royal Family members at the balcony of the Buckingham Palace and watches the Royal Air Force Fly-past. The ceremony starts at 10 am and Royal Air Force Fly-past is executed at 1 pm. If you are around London and want to watch this ceremony, you need to buy the Margo tickets.


Highlights of Queen’s Birthday Parade:

  • Trooping the color is a big mark of Queen’s official birthday ceremony.
  • Hundreds of Household Division officers, musicians, and horses in ceremonial uniform celebrate the event.
  • Spectators can join the crowd at the Mall or in St. James Park.
  • Amazing Royal Air Force Fly-past takes places over the Buckingham Palace.


History of Colour Trooping:

Birthday of Queen Elizabeth is on April 21, while this event is celebrated in June of every year. In fact, this birthday of Royal Family has become an official function that takes place in open areas. Further, the nation has been celebrating the Queen’s birthday for last two centuries. On the other side, there are some specific conditions when the celebrations are postponed as per the orders of the Queen.


Tickets for the Ceremony:

Margo tickets are available for the spectators across London, the UK for attending this Royal Family Event to give honor to the Queen. Queen’s Birthday has become an official celebration of the nation. The viewers can use a web search to find the tickets for this event and book in advance.


Good Spot to Watch the Prade:

Usually, spectators all over London, UK desire to occupy a good spot where they can view the celebrations clearly. For this; they should reach till 9 am at The Mall or in the St. James Park. These are more suitable places for the spectators. So, they should try to occupy their seats according to the numbers given on the tickets.


Price & Opening Time:

The spectators can buy Margo tickets in advance and wait for the celebration day. If you look at the price of the ticket, you will come to know it is £35 per ticket. There are different sources and methods for spectators to book and get their tickets for the event in advance. It is fine for viewers to get the tickets a week before the celebration day. The viewers have to reach the specific locations at 9 am, while the parade will start at 10 am. The RAF fly-past will take place at 1 pm when Queen is back to the balcony of the palace.


Venue of the Event:

This event moves around London on different locations, while it begins and ends at Buckingham Palace; Residence of Royal Family and Queen. The spectators can stand at the edge of St. James Park and along with The Mall.


Guard Changing Ceremony at Buckingham Palace

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About the Guard Changing Ceremony Event:


The people in the UK always have a dream to be available when guard changing ceremony happens outside of Buckingham Palace, England. It would be a pride for the British to watch wonderful moments of the guard changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace that is the residence of British Royal Family. The Queen’s Guard has become a popular event in the UK in which the troops of new guards replace the old guards and play the duty of security at the palace.

If you are interested to view this amazing sight, you need to get the Margo tickets and reach to the location on time. If you reach early, you will get a good spot for a clear and excellent view. Anyhow, the ceremony happens on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Guard mounting is always scheduled outside the palace at 10.45am and it lasts almost 45 minutes. The old guards form up the forecourt of the palace at 10.30am and then move to James’s Palace Old Guard at 10.45am.


Beautiful Event:

The Guard Changing Ceremony is accompanied by the music, Foot Guards, and Horse Guards. The uniform of the guards is completely traditional and prominent. The viewers can enter the ceremony area free of any cost. Moreover, they can enjoy the entire parading and change of the guard ceremony. The soldiers have bearskin hats and traditional red tunics. The New Guards have to perform their active duty for a specific course of time. The event is extremely popular in Europe for its uniqueness and inspiring process to change the guards outside Buckingham Palace.

Usually, this ceremony happens in Windsor Castle and horse guards and foot guards perform in the event. The troops do the parade at 11 am of some certain days like Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. You need to make more efforts to get the exact and official schedule of the ceremony as well as opening time. If you are willing to view the lavish interior of Buckingham Palace in the summer opening. You are recommended to book Margo tickets in advance and enjoy the event on the celebration day.


Schedule & Price:

When you go through the pricing of attending the Guard Changing Ceremony at Buckingham Palace event, you will come to know it is free. So, if you are making a plan to have a presence in the ceremony. You should sort out your schedule and make it possible to read exactly a few minutes before the ceremony starts. In this way; you will get a good location and enjoy the whole function. If the climate is wet or freezing, there will be no guard changing ceremony.


Event Place:

The Buckingham Palace is a residence of the British Royal Family. It is specified for the hospitality of Royal Guests, especially the Queen and princes. The ceremony is managed outside the palace where the horse and foot guards change their positions and duties as well with new troops. Many people from the UK reach to the Buckingham Palace to view the Guard Changing Ceremony. They always reserve Margo tickets to have a clear look at the interior of the palace.