How to plan a city break in London

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How to plan a city break in London

The iconic city of London is considered to be one of the locations you must visit at least once (and everybody comes back after their first visit…). An enormous city filled with impressive architecture, controversial history and great culture that will leave you with amazing memories and pictures. There’s so much to see and visit that it might leave you thinking a city break won’t be enough. We did the math and came out with an amazing plan help you get the most of London:

Make a list of places you want to visit by MUST’s 

Yes, we know, you want to visit everything, but it is important to tick the main attractions, and, after doing the itinerary, check out the smaller things. Take in consideration 2 major elements – The first is that everything is connected to everything in London and while visiting the main objectives you may discover some incredible places that you must stop by (*this can create some delays in your original plan). Secondly, it is, of course, the weather, if you planned a walk in St James’s Park but caught a rainy day, it is better you have some backup locations in your plan. Therefore, our suggestion is to create a plan with MUST SEE and the others to be marked as a “plan B”.

Spot the best events you can find

Being one of the hottest cultural spots in the world, there is always something happening in London! Since you are going there, it’s a pity to miss important events like concerts, festivals, shows etc., depending on your visiting period. From May to summer you can find rooftops parties like Skylight, open exhibitions like London Nights, sports events like Wimbledon Tennis Championships, sweet dance pop concerts of Bruno Mars and some of the best summer festivals.

Optimize the days of your visit

Set the date of your visit, according to your “must visit” list that you’ve created. If you want to visit for example Madame Tussauds, weekends are not the right choice – better the middle of the week because of tourist fluctuations.

Book your hotel near the underground

By being close to the tube, things will get so much easier for you. You won’t have to waste a lot of time and money traveling through the city – because, let’s be honest, all the great events are taking place in the center. Just hop on to the closest tube and you are usually 10-20 minutes away to any destination!

How to get to London?

The fastest and simplest way to get there is obviously by plane – this if you’re not a UK citizen. Otherwise, you can hop on the subway and arrive quicker and cheaper than with any other means of transport. All you need is a credit card and it will pass you through all the gates, arriving before you could say, Harry Potter.

Book a full London Tour

What else can be more comfortable than a bus who will take you to all of London’s great attractions with specialized guides to tell you the wonderful lore of every place you visit? In this way, you will be sure that you won’t miss any of the objectives that you put on your list. Moreover, you will become an expert in English lore for your dear ones back home. Special tours with extra surprises can be booked on our site at special prices.

Now that you are all organized, pack your bags and experience London at its best. What are the main objectives of your list? We would love hearing your ideas and plan – feel free to leave your comments here or on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Our London expert team is here to help with advice for the best visit in London. Contact us for a guide!

Stonehenge Tour

Best Stonehenge Tours

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Which Stonehenge Tour?

Stonehenge being part of UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts as many as 850,000 tourists from around the globe traveling to see the majestic stones and hear the tales behind those stones. Stonehenge sits in the middle of Salisbury planes and access to Stonehenge is most convenient for tourists if they go with a coach tour or in a private car. Visiting Stonehenge on your own can also be a little tricky as it can be extremely busy and when you go with a tour, you have everything sorted by the tour supplier.  There are plenty of affordable & low-cost tours available to Stonehenge that includes entry ticket to Stonehenge as well. There are some pretty exciting options available as well that gives you a chance to see other beautiful English cities.

Firstly I would like to talk about the simplest Stonehenge Tour, which would be cheapest & easiest option to fit your short holiday to London. There are several suppliers offering Stonehenge half day tour with different names but frankly they all serve the same purpose, generally, the tour lasts approximately 5.5 to 6 hours including transportation to Stonehenge and you get to spend 1.5 hours to 2 hours at Stonehenge. The tour departs daily from Victoria station early morning and during summer season ( April to September ) there is an afternoon option as well which departs between 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM depending on the supplier. A general admission to Stonehenge allows you to go inside the outer circle of Stonehenge, access to inner circle is allowed on specific tours on specific days and is explained later in this article. You will be provided with audio guides at Stonehenge available in about 12 different languages including Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and more.  Stonehenge now also equips with a visitor center with exhibition center and a café for your relaxed time at Stonehenge.

Now if You have a bit more time, there are several options available where Stonehenge Tour is combined with several other beautiful English Cities, worth seeing while you are in England. Below we have listed some of the best-selling Stonehenge Tours along with their prices.

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Roman Bath Tour… £93.6    More Info

Windsor, Oxford and Stonehenge Tour… £84

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath Including Lunch in 14th Pub at Lacock…. £99

Stonehenge & Bath Tour… £80

Stonehenge Half Day Tour… £47

One of the bestselling Stonehenge tours is Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Roman bath Tour, This tour combines Britains three best, beautiful and most desiring places in one simple day tour by coach. The tour generally offers a professional onboard guide that takes you around all the places as well as you have a choice to be own your own. The tour includes entrance to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Roman Bath as well as a short walking tour of Bath City. If you are unfamiliar with Bath city, I must tell you that it is worth seeing Roman & Georgian City with beautiful Georgian Terraced house. The look and feel of this small English city truly amazing, some describe it as quite a romantic and tranquil place to be. A river flows in the middle of the city and most importantly it houses Roman Bath, Roman Bath was built by Romans centuries ago and you will be surprised when you will visit Roman Bath as the Bath features naturally warm spring water and Bath Abbey with beautiful architecture.