Summer by the River at London Bridge City

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Summer by the River has become a fantastic event celebrated at London Bridge City. The viewers can watch the films, fun, fitness classes, sports screenings, and family-friendly workshops. The event is famous in entire Europe, while the tourists and natives reach London for having great fun at this festival on the bridge.


About the Event:

Summer by the River is a famous festival in London, UK. It takes places between two famous bridges, while thousands of the people attend this event with families. London Bridge City is the central venue of the festival. The biggest sports events in summer are viewed on big screens, while the people can watch their favorite movies in the open and big cinema. The live music concerts are also the important parts of this festival.

You can eat the tastiest foods and drink delicious beverages and liquids to optimize your entertainment. The Scoop hosts the most events in the festival. Some other events also take place at Hay’s Galleria and many other locations in London, UK. The center of the vent is between London Bridge and Tower Bridget where the spectators sit for having fun for a long course of time.


The highlight of summer by the River 2018:

  • Foods, drinks, and music wait for the spectators
  • Law Clave Festival June 9 brings a number of events and activities for the people.
  • Big screens let you watch the biggest sports contests like Tour De France, Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and many other competitions.
  • Family workshops are organized on various dates for the people and families to have fun. These workshops are offered with specific themes and scripts to make them profitable and productive for the participants.
  • Opera and Ballet broadcasts are organized in Royal Opera House for the viewers.
  • Big cinema lets the people enjoy their favorite movies, serials and side-splitting comedy in Comedians Cinema Club.
  • You can join hundreds of the people in the Scoop for Massaoke session on June 8, 15, 29 and July 20.
  • Alice in Wonderlands hosts the storytelling sessions for the children on various dates.
  • Tale of King Arthur also inspires the listeners and lets them get some moralities and ambitions in real life.



All the events in Summer by the River Festival are free for spectators. The viewers and tourists can get further information and schedule of different events at Margo tickets that will provide you complete guidance. If you want to attend some other events in London, you can also book your tickets at Margo and have the fun in desired functions and celebrations in the city.


Venue of Summer by the River at London Bridge City:

Summer by the River takes place between the Tower Bridge and London Bridge in June. However, there are many segments and events in this festival that last for a couple of months. Basically, the event starts on June 9, while it ends in September of every year. The whole festival is colorful, amazing and exciting for the people in London as well as the entire UK. Spectators should contact Margo tickets and get unbiased information about each event in this festival.