Museums of London

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In London, you can relive history through its museums and galleries. Most of these places are free of charge; however, you can make donations at your will and special exhibitions have charged entry. Many museums in London are very large which can take almost your whole day and there are many which are open late nights as well.

Museums of London


British Museum:

This museum in Bloomsbury is the best museums in London. This British Museum provides to understand human history and culture. The museum’s collection has more than 113 historical objects and is amongst the largest in the world which originates from every continent and explains the history and culture of human being right from the beginning till present time.

Victoria & Albert Museum:

This museum in South Kensington has been acknowledged as the greatest museum across the world which has been dedicated to decorative arts. Many exhibitions from around the world are held here which are both ancient and modern. The museum holds the largest collection from the Renaissance sculptures apart from Italy and as well as the largest collection of Indian, Chinese and Japanese Art.

Science Museum:

This museum is in South Kensington and is a good place to understand the development of science and industry as well as its impact over human life. This place is great for kids because of different exhibits and workshops. There are around 300,000 exhibits which cover the history of western science, medicine, and technology.

Natural History Museum:

The natural history museum located in South Kensington. It holds plenty of natural collections like living and fossil plant, minerals and animals. You can also see several specimens in the display. The center of attraction of the museum is the exhibits of dinosaur along with robotic lifestyle examples. Another great attraction of the museum is the exhibition of a full-scale whale which makes this museum fully impressive.

Imperial War Museum:

This museum in Lambeth holds a collection of objects belonging to world wars. It carries the objects from military operations in which Commonwealth or Britain has been involved. The museum does not glorify wars and presents scenarios of warfare from the human and civilian side.

London Transport Museum – Covent Garden:

Exhibitions hosted here, infuse transport with the cultural and social history of London. It unveils more than eighty motors representing about two hundred years of London’s transport history. Such as the world’s first Underground steam train and a red Route master bus.

Museum of London – Barbican:

Being the world’s largest urban museum, it has a vast collection of historic objects and exhibitions representing London’s past stories. You can explore facts about prehistoric London, London under Roman rule, and the magnificence of medieval London.

Bank of England Museum – Bank:

You can learn the long fascinating history of the Bank of England, from its foundation to its role as the Central bank. You can find the one of a kind collection of coins and banknotes and also a real gold bar.