Free Deers in London at the Richmond Park

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You will never believe the reality to encounter free living deers just a few miles away from the central London. The Richmond Park is a popular natural reserve with more than 630 Red & Fallow free living deer moving here and there in the area since 1637. This natural park covers an area of 3500 acres. It takes only 30 minutes to reach the Richmond Park from the central London with the help of a tube. The Richmond Park is among the most beautiful and famous parks present in London city. Whether you use over ground or District Line, it is very simple to access the zone 3 where this park is present. This park is considered a peaceful natural spot where visitors can enjoy a comfortable day.



Richmond is a South West Borough which was considered famous as a retreat of British Royal Family. It is a relaxing oasis which is far from the busy life of London. In the reign of XVI, the Henry VII developed a palace known as Richmond Palace where famous Queen Elizabeth I died. This park was also used for hunting spot by the royal members. Until the 18th and 19th century, Richmond remained a farming town before it appeared as a retreat for the English nobles.

Reaching the Richmond Station brings you to the center of Richmond Town which is a hub of different shops. From this point, tourists can move towards the Thames. Once you see the famous river, take the pedestrian path towards the west and it ends to Richmond Park. On your way to the park, you will find different bars and restaurants along the river. Whether it is a hot sunny or chilling day out, it would be better to enjoy the famous Pimm’s at the White Cross Pub.


The Richmond Park:

Don’t you want to visit elsewhere? Just go directly to Richmond Park by taking the N-65 Bus. This bus service starts from the Richmond Station. Get off at Dysart in order to visit the Richmond Park. This park is a huge place where walking is not enough to cover the entire area. It would be better to rest a bike here. Deers are the real attraction in this park. These are habitual to see the humans around so they don’t run when you walk close to them. Since 1953, Richmond Park established an oasis of peace. There is a garden known as Isabella Plantation where a pond is present with beautiful streams and azaleas.

We also recommend a visit to King Henry’s Mound. This is located in the Hill Pembroke Lodge Gardens. You will love to see the famous attraction of St. Paul’s Cathedral which is miles and miles away from the dense trees. The government has protected the view by implementing strict bans on any type of development around the Panoramic View. It is said that King Henry VIII used to control the Cathedral from this Mound. He waited for the signals of execution of Anne Bolena in order to marry Lady Jane Seymour. While staying at the Richmond Park, you get two options.


See the Terrace Garden:

This is a popular spot for the people who have enough time in Richmond. This park is a romantic place because of its beautiful flowers. Also visit the Hollyhock Café which is a famous bar to take tea, a drink or lunch.


Petersham Nursery:

You can also visit Petersham Nursery which is a unique place. It is a greenhouse shop and restaurant where visitors can buy flowers and plants