Frieze Sculpture 2018 in Regent’s Park

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What Is Frieze Sculpture 2018?

English land is known as the “Place of Wonders”. The people always keep hunting and discovering unique events happened in England. Today, the people having a great interest in sculpture art seek for the “Frieze Sculpture 2018” that is organize and managed in Regent’s Park from July 4 to October 7, 2018. It is the first colorful and decent exhibition of the best sculptures in the green venue. Usually, it allows the viewers to get an entry without buying a ticket or paying any admission fee.

In fact, “Frieze Sculpture” is an exhibition of sculptures made by thousands of the artists across the world. They come to this exhibition for displaying their masterpieces and get admiration as well as earn a reputation. Further, this exhibition is managed in Regent’s Park; English Garden and it lasts for 3 consecutive months (4 July to 7 October). Almost 25 acclaimed and emerging artists take part in this event with their unique, motivating and innovative sculptures.


Frieze London and Frieze Masters:

The viewers always taste Frieze London and Frieze Masters without bearing any cost. They can take advantage of this event and get an entry of the complete exhibition by booking Margo tickets a bit advance of the event date. Early arrival will let you enjoy more than latecomers. Medium and large-scale sculptures positioned in a decent, proper and friendly way. The viewers and guests can have a closer and clearer look at each sculpture with the information of the creator and the history of the statue.

The event optimizes the taste of the junior artists and those who have been massively interested in sculpture art. It is easy for the people to enter the Regent’s Park and have a great time at the exhibition. Everyone can visit the place and have a pleasant experience with mighty sculptures of top 25 artists in the world. All the sculptures reflect some personalities, histories, cultures, events, Big Days and many other historical objects that occurred in the past.


Preview of Frieze Sculpture 2018:

  • It will create reflections and optical effects when you enter the glass pavilion of Dan Graham.
  • Venture into the maze
  • Five-piece bird sculpture by Tracey Emin
  • Four majolica sculptures Corine, Octavio, Mezzetino and Chinoise by Rachel Feinstein
  • Colorful glass installation of Rana Begum with huge and multi shadow
  • First bronze work of Hugo Wilson with electric influences
  • Family Day trail in the exhibition etc.


Tickets & Prices:

Many people plan to have an entry for Regent’s Park to enjoy the sculpture event. In fact, there is no price for the admission, all the visitors can attend the exhibition free of cost for 3 consecutive months. The families and groups can also visit the exhibition and have pleasant moments with historical sculptures of giant sizes without any cost.


Find Images:

It is far better for first timers to have a look on the pictures of Frieze Sculptures prior to leave for Regents’ Park Exhibition. In this way; you will get some ideas for the upcoming sculptures in the next exhibition.


Location of Frieze Sculpture 2018:

This event will take place in London NW14NR in Regents’ Park from 4 July to 7 October every year. In present, the exhibition is in the process and you can visit the park to enjoy the best time with bigger sculptures.