Discover Cotswolds

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Discover Cotswolds

Welcome to the city of Drystones known as Cotswolds. This is a very unique, very amazing place. Whether you visit Cotswolds for a short break or for a long holiday, it will create an amazing image on your mind forcing to book another tour as soon as possible! The Cotswolds has an area of 800 square miles consisting five counties including Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire an, Warwickshire. There are numerous attractions and reasons attracting the tourists’ things to do in London including a visit to this famous place. Rolling hills and Golden stone are some main attractions for the tourists.

Discover typically English villages where lots of honey-colored stones are present with special market towns. Enjoy the country houses, castles natural reserves and arboretum. Don’t forget to visit Tewkesbury Stroud, Cirencester, Cheltenham, and Witney.

This famous place is attractive for 3,000 miles of footpaths. There are numerous ancient woodlands, bridleways and wildflower meadows to discover.  Remember the 4,000 miles of stone walls. Unsurprisingly this countryside offers a rich produce of meats, cheeses, and drinks. These products are commonly available at colorful cafes, old inns, gastropubs and dining restaurants spread munificently across the area.

Dyrham Park (National Trust)

This is an ancient deer park where lots of 17th-century houses and beautiful gardens are present. This park is maintained by the National Trust. This par should be visited with family and kids in order to enjoy the beautiful landscape and attractive scenes all around. Your kids would definitely love to spend time there.

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens:

This wildlife park is famous because of the free-living animals such as giraffe and rhinos. There are numerous attractive landscapes and gardens where families and couples can enjoy wonderful moments. Don’t forget to bring your kids there. This will be a special occasion for them while seeing the wildlife.

Kiftsgate Court Garden:

This is a combination of numerous gardens where beauty is present all around. It has been observed that majority of the tour operated from London suit the tourists. Picking the best tour buses would be a great option to enjoy your time in this region.

Cheltenham Racecourse:

Do you love races? Those who feel attraction towards the racing games should visit this racecourse. This is not a simple racecourse because it offers a huge combination of racing experience, history, tradition, and settings. Don’t miss this special Cotswolds attraction if you love attractive surroundings.

Berkeley Castle:

This is amazing medieval castle showing the outstanding history of Cotswolds. This attraction is suitable for the friends, couples, and families. Discover the lovely time and scenes in the gardens developed in the 12th century. It is also a matter of pleasure to see the huge treasure collection which belongs to Berkeley Family.

Westonbirt Arboretum:

Those who are visiting Cotswolds must visit this famous Arboretum. This area of 600 acres is covered by tall trees planted several years ago. The surroundings are beautiful and astonishing. Don’t forget to visit the botanical garden to enjoy the best collection of tree species.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace:

Everyone in London knows about Shakespeare. It would be a great moment or chance to see the birthplace of this famous writer. Exploring the beautiful but small home where this legend was born would be a special occasion. This house is being transferred from one generation to another of his family. Currently, this house is maintained by the Shakespeare Trust.

Fairytale Farm:

This farm is one of the main attractions in Cotswolds. This location is famous and attractive for the kids. This is a learning place providing the best features of a wonderland. There are three prominent zones of this Fairytale.