Oxford Day Trip

Visit Oxford City

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Enjoy the visit to University City of Oxford for Pleasure

 The huge portray for visitors to Oxford is University and affiliated colleges present all around. This city is also attractive for tourists for its Christchurch. This is one of best London sightseeing tours. This city is only 55 miles from the Central London. There are numerous bus or taxi services being operated from London to Oxford 24 hours. River Thames and Thames Valley are the main features making Oxford more popular. It is called as Isis only at the distance of 10 miles from the Oxford.

Places to visit in Oxford City

As mentioned above, Oxford is attractive for the university and other famous colleges. This city is a place where walking all around keeps your mind captured for every moment. There is no need to see entertainment options because Oxford has an amazing environment creating nostalgia.

Oxford University

This is without a doubt one of the most famous places to be visited in Oxford. This university is famous because of links to Lewis Carroll and Harry Potter. The university is among the top-ranked academic institutes in the world. It has 38 affiliated colleges all around.

 Bodleian Library

This is a famous book collection center with a historical background. This library was developed in the 17th century and it contains more than 6 million books. However, most of the old books are present in the separated corners underground.

 Radcliffe Camera

This is not a camera because it is a library with more than 600,000 books. Visiting this library to study historic books is only possible with prior arrangements. Most of the books have been stored underground.

University Church of St Mary the Virgin

This historic University is considered the heart of the academic institutes. This university was developed in the 14th Century. This church university has the honor to develop a library in the ancient times. There is a tower to enjoy the panoramic scenes of Oxford city.

Museum of History of Science

This museum is a place of significant collections from the 17th century. Management at this museum has collected artifacts belonging to history, celebrities, and others. The most famous item in the collection is Einstein’s blackboard.

Sheldonian Theatre

A famous and historic theatre constructed in 1664-9. This belongs to Sir Christopher Wren and it has the honor of being his first artwork. This building is now being used for academic occasions including the convocations and degree ceremonies.

Blenheim Palace

This is a world heritage site. This palace belongs to Duke of Marlborough. As a matter of fact, it is Sir Winston Churchill’s birthplace. Numerous day trips out of London are available from central London to Blenheim Palace.

Getting to Oxford from London

Tourists can use London’s Paddington Station to get train services. On the other hand, bus tours are being operated 24/7 from central London to Oxford. Pick the best tour to enjoy a day trip in this beautiful area.

Normally, it takes only 60 minutes to reach there by train. Train services are available after every 30 minutes. Oxford Express coaches or Oxford Tube are also providing transportation services from Victoria Coach Station. Tourist can take the bus after each 15minutes. Bus tour normally takes only 100 minutes. However, the time depends on the traffic situation in London.

Oxford by train

In the west of city center, there is Oxford Station center providing train services to the tourists. Express lines are being operated from London Paddington to the Hereford using the route from Worcester.

Visit The Trainline in order to find the train schedules and ticket costs. This would be a simple option for those who have access to the internet in the London city which is not a difficult thing.