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Stonehenge Tours from London

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Wide range of specialized tours of Stonehenge from Central London

 Stonehenge is only 145 km from the Central London. It is better to choose the bus tour while keeping the busy traffic in the London city and around. Numerous tour planners offer different types of tours plans for London to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is an isolated area that’s why it is not covered by the public transport. It would be better to see the tour plans in order to enjoy the Stonehenge tour with more benefits. Independent tours are not recommended in this scenario.

Because of the more traveling time, most of the tour’s plans for Stonehenge are combined with other important tourist’s attractions present around this world famous heritage site. This enables the travelers to book full day trips from London UK in order to enjoy all important locations. Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath tour is the most famous option for the tourists.

Special Access visits to Stonehenge are attractive for the travellers who want to get closer to the stones. Normally, the visitors are asked to maintain a distance of at least 10 yards from the stone.

Now we will discuss the wide range of tour of Stonehenge options and plans available for the travellers willing to visit Stonehenge from London.

Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tours

Good Points

  • Entrance Included
  • Good value for money as it includes three most popular tourist attractions
  • Avoid the queues: As a group, you will go inside directly into the venues instead if you go on your own you could be waiting hours in the queue
  • On Board guide

Bad Points:

  • According to some reviews, the tour is little tiring or little too long

This is among the top priorities for the tourists interested to cover all the main attractions during the Stonehenge visit. Christmas Day tour is the most attractive plan which enables the tourists to see the famous Windsor Castle even when it is not opened to the public!

The two hours visit is divided according to the destinations. For example, the tourists are given 70 minutes at least for the Bath tour. This is highly recommended for the low budget travelers. This London to Stonehenge tour option is considered more favourable for the people coming from different countries. International friends should book the group tours in order to enjoy the best facilities. Most of the international small group tours start from the Stonehenge and end at Windsor. This is why these tours are more attractive for the people coming from outside the UK and want to cover more attractions within a reasonable time span.

Those who are looking for full-size standard bus tours should book the 50 seats of coaches to visit Stonehenge early in the morning. Windsor to Stonehenge and then Bath tour is time-consuming but it is the best option to cover the important sites as soon as possible.

Windsor to Bath & Stonehenge tour under the full-size standard category offers an additional stop at Lacock for lunch. This route is very important for the people who want to see the historic villages around and a famous village pub dated back to 14th century.

Stonehenge, Windsor & bath Tour

Just Stonehenge London tours

Good Points

  • Entrance Included
  • Best way to get to Stonehenge as it is little tricky to get to Stonehenge as a tourist
  • Avoid the queues: Stonehenge is one of the busiest attractions and going as a group is beneficial as the tours companies pre-organise the entrances

Bad Points:

  • Not enough time 

It will take 5 hours to visit the Stonehenge alone. There are different tours being operated in different seasons. Afternoon tours are offered in April starting after the lunch from London. On the other hand, morning tours are offered from the London in October after 8:15 AM. Just Stonehenge tour is also a good option if you do not have one full day to spend outside London and really wish to see Stonehenge.

There is couple of other options that adds nice twists to Stonehenge tours, One is Stonehenge tour with Fish & Chips lunch or dinner and second is Morning London with afternoon at Stonehenge. Stonehenge tour with Fish & Chips allows you to have an authentic fish & chips experiance, I also very much like morning London and afternoon at stonehneg as this tours allows our tourists to enjoy London as well as Stonehenge in one day, so if you are short of time or dont want to spend too much money, this tour is a good option.

half day Stonehenge Tour

Stonehenge & Bath tours

Good Points

  • Much relaxed and easy tour as it only includes two places which mean more time in each place.
  • Good value for money as it includes two most popular tourist attractions
  • Avoid the queues: As a group, you will go inside directly into the venues instead if you go on your own you could be waiting hours in the queue
  • Two most beautiful and most wanted places in one tour
  • More time to spend in Bath, which is a beautiful city and worth having extra time in the city

Bad Points:

  • No negative point known, however, we are open to reviews

This touring plan enables the tourists to get 90 minutes at Bath after covering Stonehenge and Windsor. However, if you miss the Windsor then there will be 3 hours more to stay in Bath. Roman Baths and Jane Austen era / Georgian are the main attractions at Bath. There are so many other attractions present in the city looking to have your attention. Those who are interested to visit Jane Austen Centre, Roman Baths and others are suggested to focus on the entry requirements. Tourists choosing the bus tours from London to Stonehenge don’t require having tickets.

Stonehenge & bath Offer

Windsor and Oxford with Stonehenge

Good Points

  • Three popular places to visit in one tour
  • Cheaper compared to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tour
  • Avoid the queues: As a group, you will go inside directly into the venues instead if you go on your own you could be waiting hours in the queue
  • Walking tours of Oxford city makes the tour more worthwhile

Bad Points:

  • Could be a long day for some people

No doubt, the above-mentioned tours are mostly preferred by the tourists but interesting alternatives are also available. Windsor, Oxford and Stonehenge option is also widely preferred by tourists. The tour gives you a chance to see the famous city known for its educational history and remarkable architecture of its universities. The tour includes a walking tour of Oxford city walking you through cobbled streets of the historic city.

Discount Offer

England In One Day Tour

England in one day as it is clear from its name is another good option where tourists can enjoy Stonehenge along with a hint of other must-see beautiful English towns such as Cotswolds and Stratford. The tour is mainly focused on Stonehenge, Bath, and Stratford whereas Cotswolds is just a drive pass, however a drive pass through this sleepy and magical medieval villages is absolutely indescribable, tourists describe it as passing through the town of fairy tales with lush green surrounding and trees spread over acres. The tour also allows you spend some time at Stratford and beautiful town known for its famous writer Shakespeare. Tourists will get to visit Shakespeare’s school and see Ann Hathaway’s Cottage.

Small Group Stonehenge tours

These tours are considered best for the people who want to see the best alternatives. Tourists interested to see the alternatives and mystical with lots of attractions around should pick this specialized tour plan. You will get a chance to see the Neolithic sites such as alternative Glastonbury and Avebury. These group tours also provide a chance to see other special monuments and historic sites in the English Countryside.

Inner Circle Stonehenge tours

These are basically famous for special access to the Stonehenge. Public visiting hours provide a limiting access to the stones. Management has announced to offer a closer view of the stones with the help of special access visit. These are alternatively called inner circle visits. These visits are great for those who are interested to cross the limit of 10 yards (public hours). However, these visits are offered after or before the public visiting hours (dawn and dusk), this adds a great twist to the tour as viewing Stonehenge at dawn or dusk is remarkable.

Stonehenge Tour

Best Stonehenge Tours

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Which Stonehenge Tour?

Stonehenge being part of UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts as many as 850,000 tourists from around the globe traveling to see the majestic stones and hear the tales behind those stones. Stonehenge sits in the middle of Salisbury planes and access to Stonehenge is most convenient for tourists if they go with a coach tour or in a private car. Visiting Stonehenge on your own can also be a little tricky as it can be extremely busy and when you go with a tour, you have everything sorted by the tour supplier.  There are plenty of affordable & low-cost tours available to Stonehenge that includes entry ticket to Stonehenge as well. There are some pretty exciting options available as well that gives you a chance to see other beautiful English cities.

Firstly I would like to talk about the simplest Stonehenge Tour, which would be cheapest & easiest option to fit your short holiday to London. There are several suppliers offering Stonehenge half day tour with different names but frankly they all serve the same purpose, generally, the tour lasts approximately 5.5 to 6 hours including transportation to Stonehenge and you get to spend 1.5 hours to 2 hours at Stonehenge. The tour departs daily from Victoria station early morning and during summer season ( April to September ) there is an afternoon option as well which departs between 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM depending on the supplier. A general admission to Stonehenge allows you to go inside the outer circle of Stonehenge, access to inner circle is allowed on specific tours on specific days and is explained later in this article. You will be provided with audio guides at Stonehenge available in about 12 different languages including Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and more.  Stonehenge now also equips with a visitor center with exhibition center and a café for your relaxed time at Stonehenge.

Now if You have a bit more time, there are several options available where Stonehenge Tour is combined with several other beautiful English Cities, worth seeing while you are in England. Below we have listed some of the best-selling Stonehenge Tours along with their prices.

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Roman Bath Tour… £93.6    More Info

Windsor, Oxford and Stonehenge Tour… £84

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Lacock and Bath Including Lunch in 14th Pub at Lacock…. £99

Stonehenge & Bath Tour… £80

Stonehenge Half Day Tour… £47

One of the bestselling Stonehenge tours is Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Roman bath Tour, This tour combines Britains three best, beautiful and most desiring places in one simple day tour by coach. The tour generally offers a professional onboard guide that takes you around all the places as well as you have a choice to be own your own. The tour includes entrance to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Roman Bath as well as a short walking tour of Bath City. If you are unfamiliar with Bath city, I must tell you that it is worth seeing Roman & Georgian City with beautiful Georgian Terraced house. The look and feel of this small English city truly amazing, some describe it as quite a romantic and tranquil place to be. A river flows in the middle of the city and most importantly it houses Roman Bath, Roman Bath was built by Romans centuries ago and you will be surprised when you will visit Roman Bath as the Bath features naturally warm spring water and Bath Abbey with beautiful architecture.

Hop on Hop off Bus tour

Stonehenge Windsor & Bath Tour

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